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What stages have the purlin machine developed to now

2024-01-10 14:19:06

Purlin metal stud and track machineusually refers to the mechanical equipment used to produce steel frame, and its development history is closely related to the development of the steel industry 

and metal forming technology. Stud and track machine after many years of development to reach today's full degree of automation. 

So let's see the evolution of the light keel cu purlin roll forming machine has generally experienced what stages:

1. Manual production stage: the early section steel is formed by hand forging and stretching by the blacksmith, which is inefficient and has poor product accuracy and consistency.

2. Mechanized production stage: With the advancement of the industrial revolution, from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, there wasan early section steel machine.

These  machines use mechanical forces to stretch and shape steel.This period of steel molding machine mainly rely on manual operations,although the production efficiency has improved,but the 

accuracyand consistency of the product is still limited.


3. Automation production stage: in the middle of the 20th century, with the in-depth development of the second industrial revolution, the degree of automation and mechanization continues to

 improve, and the automation roll forming machine is also developing in the direction of automation and continuous production.This period saw the emergence of many modern steel production

 lines, which were able to produce standardized steel products on a large scale and efficiently.

4. Numerical control and information stage: Since the 21st century, the shaped steel machine has been further integrated into the numerical control technology and information management system.

Modern highly intelligent c purlin roll forming machine can an precisely control the size and shape of the product, while improving production efficiency and product quality  through information

management. Modern steel machines are also usually equipped with a high degree of automation of auxiliary equipment, such as automated handling systems and quality inspection equipment.

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