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What are the types of keel?

2024-01-09 15:01:29

According to the use, we can divide the keel into ceiling keel, partition keel and so on. Today we take a look at what types of keels rolled by purlin stud track machine are divided according to the cross-section shape.

According to the cross-section shape, the classification of keel usually includes several types such as C, U and furring channel.

The C type keel produced by C shaped keel automatic bone forming machine is usually used for the vertical main keel of the partition wall, and can also be used for the frame of the suspended ceiling or the construction 

of special shapes. The middle part of the C-keel is hollow, allowing easy placement of electrical wiring and other services.

U-keel This keel is usually used for the load bearing keel of the ceiling, but can also be used for the transverse keel of the partition wall. U-keel structure is relatively closed, providing better stability and support.

The furring channel produced by light steel keel furring making machine is usually used for the corner part of the ceiling or for the construction of special shapes. This shape is designed for easy installation at corners and 

provides additional support and stability.

 light steel keel produced by keel machine

These applications of the keel reflect its versatility and flexibility in the construction and decoration industry, they can be selected according to different design needs and functional requirements, the appropriate material 

and size, in order to achieve the best use results.

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