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Do you know C purlin?

2023-12-27 11:15:23

C purlin produced by C type steel purlin making machine refers to steel purlins shaped like the letter C. This section shape helps to improve its structural strength and stability, 

while thanks to its open C-shaped section, it can be easily connected to roof panels or wall panels. Because of its superior mechanical properties and reasonable structural design, 

C-shaped steel is widely used in steel structure buildings to make purlins, wall beams and other components, and can also be combined into lightweight roof truss, brackets and so on.

The main features and benefits of C purlin include:

1. High strength: C style steel is usually made of high strength steel, such as Q345 or Q235, to ensure that it has sufficient load carrying capacity and resistance to deformation.

2. Good stability: The shape design of C-purlin helps to disperse and bear pressure, thus improving the stability of the entire structure.

3. Easy to install: C profile purlin can be easily connected with other building components, such as roof panels, wall panels, etc., and the installation process is relatively simple.

4. Economy: The production cost of C purlin is relatively low, and due to its light weight, transportation and installation costs are also low, so it has a good economy in the whole building life cycle.

5. Corrosion resistance: C purlin can be improved by galvanizing or other anti-corrosion treatment to improve its corrosion resistance and extend its service life.

When choosing C type steel purlin, you need to consider its specifications, material, coating quality, C purlin forming machine price compatibility with roof and wall systems. 

Proper selection and installation can ensure the structural safety and service life of the building.

C type steel purlin

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